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Types of Automatic Barriers

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Types of Automatic Barriers

Types of Automatic Barriers

Security Gate Automation specialises in automatic barriers for car parks. There are different types of barriers available and depends on your unique needs. There are a variety of barriers that you can automate for your business premises.

You can also choose to have a manual barrier installed as opposed to an automatic one. You can also get a fully customisable barrier that offers you a wide range of access control options.

Barriers are ideal to direct traffic and to regulate normal traffic. You can choose to allow access to only certain vehicles like emergency personnel. That’s why automatic barriers are so popular.

Low cost automatic barriers are perfect for smaller car parks and businesses. They offer you all the benefits of a normal barrier but with a low operating cost. It’s ideal for a low traffic area. If you have a busy car park to control, you can consider fully customisable barriers.

These barriers are ideal for hospitals and shopping centres. They can include advertising boards on the arms and many safety features. They are made from stainless steel and can be provided in any colour. These automatic barriers can handle high traffic areas and offer durable designs.

You can also add accessories to your barriers. This includes advertising boards, access controls and more. Access controls can include cameras, fingerprint readers and token readers. This is ideal for private parking areas and office parks.

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