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Electric Security Gates 

Here at Automation and Security we understand that our business customers need to protect their businesses from intruders, you want your staff to feel safe and your products to stay where they are ready to be sold.

We can help you out, we are the Newcastle and North east areas number one in custom made security gates, our work is unsurpassed in the area, when you need security for your business you need the experts, you need us.

Electric Security Gates

We offer a full range of security gates, barriers and bollards in the Tyne and Wear area.

Automated Security Gates  

We can provide your business with a custom made security gate, designed by you with our help if you need it, to make sure your business is safe and sound. 

We can help with the design process of your gates by giving professional advice on the materials to use and the best gates for your business which will provide the best security and make intruders think twice before stepping on your property.

We will also manufacture your gates for you, we do this in our South Shields facility, and this ensures we can pay attention to even the smallest of details when it comes to the security of your business.

Bespoke Security Gate Installations 

When we come to install your gates our highly experienced gate builders can give you great advice on maintaining your gates to keep the intruders at bay and can even recommend some of our other range of products to help you get the most out of your security system.

For more information on our security gates, feel free to get in touch, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

School Entrance Gates

Despite the 'private' status of a school, security is still a big issue. There will be a routine flow of site visitors ranging from suppliers and provider to guests and parents. The 'open door' policy of a school makes it a prime target for access misuse. 

 So any individual from disgruntled ex-employees or upset parents may enter. It may even allow a trespasser or somebody with express criminal purposes to infiltrate the premises. Our security systems can offer protection to staff and students in the school.

Pedestrian entrances should be of a mounted style and utilise galvanised flexible hinges. The fixings placed behind the assault face. On external opening entrances, fixings should be of a galvanised 'blind' instructor screw style. All pedestrian entrances should be fitted with locks and repairing features to match that of the fence.

Pedestrian Entrances and Traffic Control

Our cost-effective and reputable security gates are high quality and affordable. We also offer turnstiles, barriers, pedestrian entrances and traffic control tools. We provide this for business properties or public premises. 

Search our extensive option of security gates. We offer gate automation equipment and security barriers. Discover the ideal service for your demands. The North East's market leader in automated security systems & electric gates, we boast over 25 years experience in the Industry and a skilled, specialised workforce to match.

We provide a level of service that is incomparable. From the tiniest fixing to a large scale job, we offer a complete service, from design to final solution. We consist of safety checks & threat assessments on your automated gates & barriers. This is to make sure that we comply with the latest HSE Laws.

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