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Identify the Hazards

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Identify the Hazards

Identify the Hazards

When it comes to safety, you need to know how to successfully identify hazards. This is important when installing gates and automation products. Here’s how you can identify safety hazards.

Risk assessment requires you to identify hazards. If you know what safety concerns there are, you can control it effectively. A good way to start this process is by physically assessing the environment. Look for potential dangers and safety hazards.

Gate installation safety requirements

Your goal is to reduce possible injuries as much as possible. That’s why you should work with a reliable installer for your gates and automation. Incorrectly installed gates can be a hazard. You want a safety gate to be safe and free of possible liabilities. Automation products can be installed with additional security features too. This will reduce your risk of injuries even further.

Your workplace may have many safety risks but your gates should not be one of them. Here are a few guidelines in terms of how to treat them to avoid injuries.

  • Do not pass through moving gates
  • Never allow children to play near gates
  • Don’t use your remote control unless you can see the gate
  • Do not attempt to modify the gates on your own
  • Do not stop while you are moving through a gate
  • Alert your installer immediately on signs of malfunction

At Automation Security, we know how to properly assess any environment. We ensure that your gates are installed with all the required safety measures.

Automation Security specialises in electric gates and access control. Contact our team today. We are available to offer advice for your requirements.

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