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Care and maintenance of Wrought Iron Fences and Ga

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  • 26-02-2016
Care and maintenance of Wrought Iron Fences and Ga

Care and maintenance of Wrought Iron Fences and Gates

To take care of your wrought iron gates and railings there are a few things that you can do periodically.

Here are some maintenance tips for different types of wrought iron. If you are unsure which suits your needs then speak to the people who installed your wrought iron. They will let you know which of the below methods will work best for you.

Galvanised wrought iron

Galvanised wrought iron gates and railings have been dipped in a hot zinc oxide bath at a temperature of 400 degrees centigrade. This provides an impenetrable coating which protects from air and water.

After about 6 months, galvanised products are typically ready for paint. Your product will has been etched at the factory to allow a coat of paint to adhere easily to it.

Painted only finish

If your product has only been painted then there is typically only one coat of paint applied before it leaves the factory. It is a good idea to repaint your gate or railings within three months. This is to get a good build up of paint and the protection that it needs.

In regards to the paint to use, any metal paint will work fine and many different brands are available at DIY stores.

Powder coating

If your product has been powder coated then this means it has been electro statically charged. The paint particles have been baked on in a hot oven.

Powder coated products will normally not need painting again for 3-5 years. This may sometimes be longer, depending on the environment. When they do need a repaint or touch up you can use any type of metal paint or spray.

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