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Barriers for Small to Medium Car parks

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  • Barriers for Small to Medium Car parks
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  • 13-08-2016
Barriers for Small to Medium Car parks

Barriers for Small to Medium Car parks

Security Gate Automation specialises in automatic barriers for car parks. You can choose a barrier depending on the size of your car park. It’s perfect if you have a smaller office building or centre to control. Larger office buildings and centres will need a higher end barrier.

Automatic barriers for small and medium car parks are perfect for access control. You can get them in different sizes, for e.g. 3m, 4m or 5m in length. This gives you complete control. You can also add additional security features to your barrier. This can be an intercom system or access control.

Access control options can include a token reader, fingerprint scanner or camera. It helps to only allow authorised personnel into an area while keeping others out. You can install these barriers at your entrances and exits to effectively control access.

Automatic barriers can help with traffic control. It effectively allows cars to flow smoothly into a parking area. This is why barriers can be seen in all parking areas and in public areas like hospitals. Shopping centres usually have larger, more robust barriers. They even have advertising boards on them. They are designed to control high trafficked areas.

When you need automatic barriers for your car park, choose a reliable installer. This means you’ll get a fast installation and a durable product. You’ll also get quality materials and reliable workmanship. Security Gate Automation are the leading providers of automated gates and barriers in Newcastle and the north east. For more information about our automatic barriers, phone 01914563399.

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