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Automatic Barriers 

If you have been broken into in the past or are worried about the security of your business it may be time to start thinking about upping your security, adding our barriers to your property is a great way of deterring potential intruders. It shows them that you are not to be mess with.

Our barriers are the perfect physical deterrent for any commercial property. We design them to the exact specification that you give us and can also recommend specifications if you are unsure of what you would like. Whatever your requirements, our barriers will get the job done you for.

Automatic Barriers

We offer a full range of security gates, barriers and bollards in the Tyne and Wear area.

What do you need in a car parking barrier?


The barrier accomplishes this mechanically using gearing with helicoidal and tilted teeth. The brushless magnet motor creates no rubbing or warmth and can run non-stop. Electronically the controller uses switches over relays. Battery back-up could be added, providing up tp 1000 openings.


The outright encoder reviews 4800 pulses per change. It continuously keeps an eye on the placement of the light beam. If the beam fulfils an obstacle, the device will turn around without the demand for added devices.

Commercial Security Gates 

No matter the size of your business our custom made barriers are the perfect way to stop people gaining access to your property that have no business being there. They are perfect for; car parks, industrial premises and business complexes. They are designed and manufactured to your specific requirements by us.

Bespoke Security Barrier Installations 

If you have a business in the Newcastle and North East area, we can help you improve your security; you can decide who comes into your business and give a great deterrent to anyone trying to access it at night. Not only will your products be safe but you and your staff will be as well.

For more information on our custom made barriers, feel free to get in touch, one of our design team will be happy to answer any questions you have and recommend the perfect product to keep your business safe.

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