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Automatic Barriers for Car Parks

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  • 28-06-2016
Automatic Barriers for Car Parks

Automatic Barriers for Car Parks

Security Gate Automation specialises in automatic barriers for car parks. These barriers are ideal for car parking bays and entry points for restricted areas. They can help to control access to many different areas and can also calm traffic. They help to prevent through traffic and allow authorised vehicles to get through.

Automatic barriers can allow emergency services to pass through a shorter route. There are many different barriers available and they are very effective. They are highly effective for automation and security on any property. They can be programmed to suit any entry requirements too.

The type of automatic barrier you choose will depend on your needs. If you have a high traffic area you need a reliable, robust motor to handle everyday use. Installation is quick and these barriers can last for quite a while. Some of the basic automatic barriers only require a single phase power supply. They provide a smooth and consistent operation.

The arm lengths can vary between models. The speed is usually adjustable and they are made from aluminium for strength. You can add optional extras like boom lights and no entry signs. This makes these barriers very effective and efficient.

Some of the options for access control include keypads, tokens, key switches and more. These barriers are very effective and customisable. We can also provide a scalable solution for your unique business security needs.

Security Gate Automation are the leading providers of automated gates and barriers in Newcastle and the north east. For more information about our automatic barriers, phone 01914563399.

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