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Advice For Wrought Iron Gates Care And Maintenance

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  • 12-02-2016
Advice For Wrought Iron Gates Care And Maintenance

Advice For Wrought Iron Gates Care And Maintenance

Here are 3 tips for care and maintenance for your wrought iron gates.

Inspect your gate regularly.

It is a good idea to have a look at your gate every so often. Perhaps while you are cleaning it or just having a walk in the garden.

This allows you to spot any issues that your gate might have and sort them out before they become a massive problem. While checking your gate, look for rust spots, chips in the paint, cracks or any other damage.

Repair rust spots.

Repairing rust spots in wrought iron gates isn't all that tricky. If it is a small area then grab some sand paper or steel wool and remove the rust.

Then you can apply wax or paint to the area and touch up any other areas that you may need to.

Fix bent sections.

This can really breath new life into an older looking gate. You can repair a bend in your gate with a blow torch and a hammer by heating up the bent part and hammering it back into place.

If you do not think you could do this or if the bend is quite severe, we recommend speaking with a professional. Someone experienced in gate repairs will be able to do this job for you.

We hope these tips have been useful to you. If they have, please explore our website further to discover even more information about wrought iron gates.

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