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About Site Risk Assessment

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About Site Risk Assessment

About Site Risk Assessment

When a new gate is installed, it is essential that you do a proper safety assessment. Read more about the requirements and the benefits of these assessments.

There are many benefits to installing security gates and access control. But before these installations can be done, it’s essential to do a proper assessment. You have to be able to minimize risk as much as possible, which is why these assessments need to be done.

Gate installation safety requirements

An assessment will take into consideration various factors. This includes the location of the gates, and what safety features will be needed. There are various safety features that can be installed. This is to ensure the best safety measures for the gate and to manage access effectively.

When you install a security gate you need to think about what may possibly harm someone. You should then reduce these risks by installing proper safety measures. There are regulations in place to guide installers on how to ensure that the gate is safely installed.

Some of the features that you can install include photocells. They will detect when something is in the way of a swinging gate. You can also install anti-squash features to detect obstacles when the gate closes.

Risk assessment is crucial to any gate or automation installation. That’s why it is essential to work with a reliable team that has the installation experience you need.

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