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How to Treat your Wooden Automatic Gate

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  • 08-10-2015
How to Treat your Wooden Automatic Gate

How to Treat your Hardwood Driveway Gates

Like all exterior wood, automatic wooden gates should be treated. They need protecting from the extremes of the British climate if they are to last for many years.

There are many treatments available for hardwood and softwood electric gates from paints to stains and oils. In this article we will go through which ones will be better suited to the type of gate that you have.

If you are going to treat hardwood or softwood electric gates with oils then beware that you may have to re-apply this finish every 2-3 months. This is to keep the timber in tip-top shape.

Now this method of finishing may not be best suited to everyone. However it does really give the grain a great natural colouring and enhances the natural look of the wood.

If you are planning to treat softwood or hardwood electric gates with paint then it is best to stay clear of ranch or fence paint. These paints are designed for sawn timber and will not protect planed and sanded work adequately.

Gloss paints used to be the most common choice for painting softwood or hardwood gates. However, if water does get in to the wood through the gloss paint then it can not escape that easily.

There are many stains and varnishes that you can use as well. These are perhaps the better method to choose. They last a long time before you need to re-apply and give a very natural look. You can also make the wood darker so they are great for use on softwood to make it appear as hardwood.

Which method you decide to treat your electric wooden gates with really depends on you. Choosing the method that will suit your lifestyle will make all the difference and make your gates last as long as possible.

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