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Securing your Business with Security Bollards

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  • 20-10-2015
Securing your Business with Security Bollards

Securing your Business with Security Bollards

There are two types of security bollards in this world. Ones that move and ones that don't. Placing bollards around your site is a great way of controlling traffic throughout your site. You will also be able to also keep any vehicles off your site that you don't want to have access.

Bollards are tough. They can take a hit from a vehicle and be ready for more once the driver has wrecked the front end of their vehicle.

You may want to think about putting a few non moving bollards in entrances around your site that are no longer in use. This is a great way of stopping people from entering via though entrances. They will stop vehicles in their tracks and make sure they think twice before trying to gain access again.

Rising bollards are another great way of controlling who has access to your property. If you have many people coming and going throughout the day then a security bollard can help. It will stop them from entering or exiting your site before the proper checks have been made. Once these checks have been made the bollard will lower and allow them to leave or enter.

Security Bollards in Newcastle

If you wish to install security bollards for your business in Newcastle Security Gate Automation are the leading installation experts in the area.

For something so simple, bollards offer you a lot. They are a great way of stopping any vehicle gaining access to your property and also a great way of being able to check each vehicle that enters.

A few well placed bollards around your business can really make the difference. If you have ever had problems with unwanted vehicles on your commercial property then we offer automatic and static bollards. Bollards are a great way of making sure they do not have access any more.

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