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Measuring up for Automatic Wooden Gates

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  • 22-10-2015
Measuring up for Automatic Wooden Gates

Measuring up for Automatic Wooden Gates

To begin the process of having us build your automatic wooden gates we need to know a rough idea of sizes for the space you intend the gates to go.

This will allow us to give you a quote for the work. The size should be within an inch or 25mm or so in both height and width. This gives us the ground work to work from.

After the quote is accepted we will need further measurements. For these we will come out to your property and measure the space ourselves. This is to make sure that all of the measurements are exact so we can work from them throughout the build.

The time spent at your site can also be used to look at the angle of slope on your driveway and many other factors that determine the size of your gate.

The height of a gate normally starts at 50mm above the floor however this can change depending on if your gate needs more clearance or not. Then there is the opening width. To manufacture your automatic wooden gates we require the overall opening width. This is the space between either the walls or the posts if they are present.

The are a lot of measurements to take for wooden electric gates and the few mentioned above is just the start. Of course we have to factor in the thickness of the materials used and also the swelling and contracting of the wood throughout the seasons.

Once all of this is considered we can begin to construct your automatic wooden gates. With all of the measurements that we take we can make sure that our gates will fit your space perfectly and indeed work properly all year round.

We offer a full range of domestic hardwood and cast iron driveway gates in the Tyne and Wear area.