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Made to Measure Bespoke Electric Wooden Gates

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  • 13-10-2015
Made to Measure Bespoke Electric Wooden Gates

Made to Measure Bespoke Electric Wooden Gates

There are a lot of companies now selling off the shelf standard sized gates. A one size fits all gate. However, every driveway is a different size.

If you measured your driveway and then your neighbours you will see that their gates will in no way fit your driveway. So these standard gates are really no use at all.

Buying a one size fits all gate is a great way to give yourself a headache and a lot of work. You are either going to have to cut the gate down or add bits on. Both can really mess up the look of your electric wooden gate.

This is why when we build our softwood or hardwood automatic gates, we build them to order. This helps us in many ways. It allows us to measure the customers space and also create a design that is in keeping with their property. It allows us to make a gate for you that is completely customised to suit you and your space.

It also gives you peace of mind that when we come to fit your electric wooden gates they are going to work perfectly. There will be no need for us to cut them down to fit. The most work we will have to do to fit them is a spot of chiselling on parts that are a bit tight.

A made to measure bespoke gate is always going to look a lot better than a one size fits all gate. The automatic gates that we make will perfectly fit the space and the design will perfectly suit your property.

We offer a full range of domestic hardwood and cast iron driveway gates in the Tyne and Wear area.