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Domestic Security Gates 

Our specialist gate manufacturing service can design and install a range of bespoke gate designs for commercial properties offering security from intruders and offer an aesthetically appealing entrance to your home. Security Gate Automation manufacture bespoke domestic gates for customers throughout Newcastle, Sunderland, Washington, Gateshead, Northumberland and the North East.

Swing Gates

Swing gates offer a beautiful entrance to your property and can be installed as hardwood or wrought iron designs according to specific requirements.

Sliding Gates

For properties where there is a restriction in the space available for swing gates to open, sliding gates offer the perfect alternative. Our bespoke sliding gates are available as automated or manual and can be crafted as cast iron or hardwood design.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are a beautifully designed alternative to wooden gates. Our cast iron gates offer long lasting, rust free security and are available in a range of bespoke designs according to your personal preference.

Hardwood Gates

Hardwood automated gates provide a timeless rustic appearance to the entrance to your home. A properly installed bespoke hardwood gate will deter intruders and provide a long lasting security barrier to protect your home. Hardwood gates are a sophisticated addition to any home offering quality and beautifully designed driveway entrances.

Automated Domestic Gates 

Security Gate Automation are the premium supplier of bespoke automated domestic security gates throughout Washington, Newcastle, Gateshead, Northumberland, Sunderland and the North East. Call us today on 01916511011 or use our contact form to find out more about how we can help you.