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The complex situation of installation

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  • 06-10-2015
The complex situation of installation

Gate Installation in Washington: The complex situation of installation

The complex situation of installation is a thought pondered by many. The question asked by many home owners in Washington is, should I get a professional to install my gates or can I do it myself?

Of course you could do it yourself, but professionals like us have many year experience in installing gates and can see the factors that make an installation difficult from the out set. We can also ensure that these factors are dealt with before they ever become an issue.

The first thing that we do when we begin working with our customers is go to their site and take a look at where they would like their gates to be. This allows us to assess the situation and see which motors and which gates will suit their property better.

You see, if you have an up hill driveway then the motors you are going to need will differ to a flat driveway as these motors need to work harder in one direction and control the gate in the other. A flat driveway needs a motor that will work the same in both directions. These need to be set up correctly and of course you can do this yourself, however we have the experience that makes this task go a lot easier and quicker.

There is also other factors to think about. For example, if you already have manual gates that you are making automatic. They may work well as manual gates but if they don't meet certain requirements, they won't work as automatic gates, well they might but not for very long.

You also need to be aware of water drainage if you are thinking about having an underground motor system. In short there is a lot to think about. It is not an impossible task fitting automated gates yourself, however it will save you time and perhaps money by having a reputable company like ourselves install your gates for you.

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