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Commercial Access Controls

If you have ever had your business broken into then you understand the feeling of mistrust in the world, it can make you not want to trust anyone who has access to your business, you want to know that when you are at home your business is safe.

Well it is time to take complete control of your business and we can help you there. Not only are our security gates, bollards and barriers second to none in Newcastle and the North East but we also have great access control systems which work together with all of our gates, barriers and bollards providing you with the perfect security for any size business.

Access Controls for Security Gates

We can design a custom access control system to suit any size property and make sure intruders cannot access your business easily at any time, day or night. We can do this with custom designed audio visual equipment, fob transmitters, key pads and other control systems which all work perfectly in conjunction with our automated gates and barrier systems.

It’s time for you to have control of your business again, we are always here to help with any security issues you may have and our access control systems are the top of the line security that your business needs.

Bespoke Security for your Business

For more information on any of our access control products or if you would like us to come and survey your property, feel free to get in touch, we are always on hand to answer any question and offer any advice we can.